Friday, 13 November 2009

Feedback from colleagues

Hi a number of partners have been presenting HumBox to their colleagues and are reporting a mostly favourable reaction. It would be helpful for us to share these experiences as getting more contributers and HB users by the end of the project is going to be quite important. So what are your top tips for getting people interested and engaged. What are the OER messages that your colleagues respond to and which aspects of HumBox seem to interest them both?
Answers anyone?


  1. The most effective way I have found to engage people in the project is to let HumBox speak for itself. Showing colleagues the website - the volume and range of resources, plus some interesting examples, meets with positive responses. Going on to show how easy it is to add, review and search for resources is then a good way to get people to think about the different aspects of the repository - reusing AND sharing.
    This approach has been helpful in one-to-one meetings and during workshops discussions.

  2. Many of the good resources available at Warwick have been produced as part of small funded projects. We have a system that allows such projects to have their custom-designed web site in which the resources are made available. One of the challenges is to get people away from the idea that their resources exist on their project web site. I've explained to them that they can upload resources to Humbox as well, and use that as a way of publicising their project web site. So the Goethe Podcasts have the address of the project site clearly marked. However, this argument has not been successful in all cases.


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