Friday, 31 July 2009


Welcome to the HumBox project blog! This is where we will update you on our progress, give information and advertise project events.

The Humbox repository for Humanities resources is currently undergoing some technical changes, but this has not stopped the steady uploading of lots of excellent resources. You can find HumBox at: Take a look at using discussion boards with language students (search under 'discussion') or get some useful files on creative writing (search under 'creative writing') or the history of early America (search under 'history').

We currently have about 100 resources uploaded, and this will steadily grow over the summer as we approach our next big project meeting in Warwick, on September 14/15th. At this meeting, the project partners will review the materials we have, and look for cross-disciplinary connections and explore issues arising so far from using HumBox.

While the project is running, only registered users can download resources. Contact the project team if you want further information or to join the HumBox community, by emailing

The Project team